Grow, strange seedlings, grow!

I tweeted back in September about the arrival of my Welwitschia mirabilis seeds. I planted these in a mix of standard compost cut heavily with vermiculate to improve drainage, planted the seeds, then dusted the surface with sulphur powder to … Continue reading

Red Amaryllis needs a good home

It took four years from seed to flower, but it was worth the wait. This is one of three plants I grew from seed, the other two have yet to flower. Everything I read said that the plants rarely breed … Continue reading

Amaryllis Extravaganza! Iris Surprise!

That gap between early and late spring flowering is over and the whole garden is now going mad with growth from veg to flowers, and the clover in the lawn. It was more of a pause for breath really. The … Continue reading

Salsify – pretty, and pretty delicious

We grew some salsify last year for the first time, and yummy it was too. Some people thing it tastes a  little of oysters, hence its other name – oyster plant. I think it’s a more savoury alternative to parnsip, … Continue reading

The Green Hinge

Over the last couple of weeks the spring flowers have faded and although the garden is less colourful it is very green and surging with life. Including greenfly. I’ve resorted to my old trick of putting the seedlings and cuttings … Continue reading

Awesome April

The past week has been amazing, the warm sunny weather has brought out so many flowers I can’t photograph them all. Everything is so early this year – potatoes and rhubarb are up, artichoke heads are already on the plant, … Continue reading

Spring Surprises

Spring is full of surprises and things to look forward to in the garden. One unexpected surprise was that the primroses I grew from seed last year and planted in the scruffy bit at the bottom to naturalise have all … Continue reading

I Don’t Know, But I’ve Been Told…

Ulysses Plot was thinking about his book. This meant walking around in the garden and staring at plants. The sunflowers were doing well, a few leaves had been nibbled by snails but he could live with that. The beans were … Continue reading

So just where do you…?

Ulysses and Bertie were walking the late-winter garden. Frost lay on the ground, above them the overcast sky was a uniform grey. Bertie looked at the bare earth and leafless twigs. He would have kicked through fallen leaves if Ulysses … Continue reading

Judgement Day

Philomena Plott was happily accepting a Pimms at the village fete when saw Cousin Dolores bearing down on her like a large, highly coloured barge torn free of its moorings. She glanced around frantically but realized that unless she took … Continue reading