Judgement Day

Philomena Plott was happily accepting a Pimms at the village fete when saw Cousin Dolores bearing down on her like a large, highly coloured barge torn free of its moorings. She glanced around frantically but realized that unless she took … Continue reading


If there was one thing Ulysses looked forwards to more than going to the St. Werenfridus summer fête, it was coming home afterwards. Eternal optimist that he was, he never remembered this until the inevitable late afternoon encounter. It wasn’t … Continue reading

Guerilla Gardeners of Sarf London, innit?

Lord and Lady Plott got rather fed up with driving past this: So we decided to do this: Location: STonecot Hill, B279 / A24 crossroads. Pictures on left looking towards Sutton. Pictures on right looking down Tudor Drive Our thanks … Continue reading

Harsh Necessities

Bertie Inkgreen found his aunt Philomena in the front garden, wearing heavy boots and the expression of someone cleaning out the cat-litter.  She stamped her foot. “Everything all right, Auntie?” Bertie wondered if she and Uncle Ulysses had been having … Continue reading

Too Much is Just Enough

It was Spring. The Plotts were up with the sun and about their morning routines. Philomena was writing, Ulysses was out on Morning Inspection.  Standing inside the lean-to, he looked down at his seed trays with a mixture of fond … Continue reading


Lady Philomena Plott came into the kitchen with the post. Lord Ulysses folded his paper neatly along its creases and laid it aside.  “Anything good?” he said, tweaking an errant crumb from his moustache. Philomena flicked through the envelopes.  “Bill, … Continue reading