The Green Hinge

DSCN3924Over the last couple of weeks the spring flowers have faded and although the garden is less colourful it is very green and surging with life. Including greenfly. I’ve resorted to my old trick of putting the seedlings and cuttings outside on warm days to get rid of the little pests. I’ve no idea if they just don’t like being outside or if something comes and eats them. Either way, it’s a good thing.

DSCN3923Mostly everything is green and growing – like our grapevine. That green hinge of summer is not so much creaking open as yawning wide. Now in it’s third full year we’re starting to understand how to treat the vine to get the best crop. It’s a very heavy cropper, but the fruit tends to fungal rot as the bunches are so tight – typical of a dessert grape. Our vine is a Black Hamburg, and is a cutting from the famous Hampton Court vine. This year we’re going to thin the grapes twice, once when very small, then again after a month. Although we’ll get less grapes per bunch they should be bigger, and far more will survive to be eaten..

DSCN3925There are still a few flowers – like this cactus which always produces a vivid ring of coral-pink flowers this time of year.

DSCN3926Everything is really early this year, with the downside that flowers like daffodils have not lasted very long in the warmth. On the other hand plants like hibiscus are already in leaf, and my tree ferns, which are NEVER showing signs of life until mid-May are already unfurling their croziers.



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