Amaryllis Extravaganza! Iris Surprise!


That gap between early and late spring flowering is over and the whole garden is now going mad with growth from veg to flowers, and the clover in the lawn. It was more of a pause for breath really. The spuds will soon be flowering, which means the new earlies will be ready for digging up soon. Fresh new potatoes are the best!





I’ve been feeding a lot more this year than before. It’s not only made a difference in the number of flowers – that clematis outside the kitchen door is like a waterfull of flowers – it has also made a big difference to colour intensity and length of flowering. The yellow iris have been out for a week and far more vibrant than the pale, near-white things we had last year.




Two really exciting flowers have bloomed – the first is the amaryllis in the conservatory. Flowering is an lovely annual event, the spectacular crimson blooms are as big as my hand. This year has been very special. Three years ago the main bulb grew two off-shoots and for the first time this year they too have flowered. It is truly amazing.

I’m also excited because one of the three seedling plants I grew from this one is about to flower for the first time too – more on that later.



The surprises weren’t over because an old bit of iris I dug up and moved a few years back also flowered for the first time. Not only is the flower spike over 4 feet high, it is a wonderful two-tone purple and white. (The petal edges as the flowers emerge are almost black.) Even after five years in the house the garden is still producing surprises, showing me plants I never knew were there.


Growing plants from cuttings and seeds, especially bulbs, is a slow process. Gardening teaches you to be patient, and to sometimes be disappointed. But the successes – gosh, they are worth the wait.



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